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Reviews From Our Many Loyal, Satisfied Clients
We are happy to recommend Mariposa Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. We were introduced to owner and manager, Fran Lambert in 2010. Mrs. Lambert organized the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center’s 2011 Garden Beautification Project. This extensive, pro-bono project included retrofitting the property's outdated irrigation system, removal of diseased plants and trees, tree trimming and pruning and numerous hours of project management. Mrs. Lambert and her team at Mariposa not only donated their time, but she also secured thousands of dollars worth of donated irrigation parts, labor and plants from local businesses and volunteer organizations.

In addition to the volunteer hours, Mariposa Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. was contracted to provide weekly landscape maintenance. Mrs. Lambert was easy to contact and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Bill Lambert, Mariposa’s President, worked diligently with his crew to improve the health and beauty of the property’s numerous trees through many hours of careful pruning and trimming.

The RSF Senior Center’s grounds are a beautiful, tranquil and safe place for the seniors to enjoy. Our experience with Fran, Bill and their employees was exceptional and we can recommend Mariposa Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. without reservation.
Terrie D. Litwin, MSW
Executive Director
Cheryl Ford
Assistant Director
Rancho Santa Fe Seniors, Inc.
I have been using Mariposa Landscape & Tree Service for nearly 10 years now on an annual basis for pruning my trees at my house in Del Mar. They saved my giant Aleppo pine tree, that was in bad shape from lack of maintenance by the prior owner. They have done a great job with trimming on my large Monterrey pine and stylishly trimming my smaller Japanese Black pines and other small trees. Overall, Bill is very knowledgeable and provides a fair price. His crew is professional, talented and always on-time with exceptional clean-up. It is a pleasure working with Mariposa each year!
--Marc S., Del Mar
For the past three years, Fran, Bill and the team at Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service have excelled as a full service provider for our landscape improvement needs. Our initial project focused on revitalizing a couple of large transplanted oak trees using organic amendments as well as designing a plan to save our insect and disease battered 70 foot tall eucalyptus tree. The successful completion of these projects was followed by assistance in establishing an organic orchard (with outstanding results), in selecting a variety of more drought tolerant plants and shrubs and in developing an overall fertilization and amendment plan using organic and earth friendly technologies. In addition to improving the vitality of our trees and shrubs, we have received extensive assistance from Fran and the Precision Irrigation Team. This work included a comprehensive review of our irrigation needs, the identification of above and below ground water wastage, and a retrofit of our irrigation system ranging from sprinkler head and valve modifications to controller upgrades and programming. The team’s diligence with on site checks ensures that we stay on the right track. We have been extremely happy and satisfied with all of the work Fran and Bill and the team accomplished and will continue using their services in the future.
--M & M Rancho Santa Fe, CA
In a time when many are looking for quick money, Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service Inc is certainly in a league of their own. Smart pricing and the finest service one can hope for. As a side, they also give advice on other landscape and tree issues, while tending to the job at hand. They are skilled, honest and reliable with the customer in mind. You will not find better!
--Bruce B. Rancho Santa Fe
We have worked with Fran and Bill Lambert at Mariposa Tree Service for over 20 years on a wide variety of irrigation and tree projects and services. They are professional, pleasant, reasonable in price and always go the extra mile for their customers. You'll love doing business with Mariposa!
--Neil and Clarice H. Rancho Santa Fe
Mariposa is the “Complete Package”. We have been so thrilled to have had Fran rework our yard to be more water wise. The surprise has been, after removing most of our lawn, we have a more naturally beautiful organic environment. Fran and her creative team has truly given our yard a feeling of simple elegance. Thank you for being so easy to work with while offering such professionalism.
--Myles C. Rancho Santa Fe
Fran and Bill Lambert are very creative, honest, hard working people. They have great crews that work very hard, and care very much about the places they work. They listen to what you want, and they make it happen. They helped us to conserve water, and saved us quite a bit of money through the water conservation system that they installed for us. They reworked all of our sprinklers, which in turn, saved lots of our trees and plants. Once they set things in motion, they get them done in a timely fashion, and they, also, continue to educate themselves to make sure they can give their clients exactly what they need and want. Fran and Bill have worked for us about 7 years. Bill keeps our trees in beautiful form, and Fran mulches our soil to keep everything healthy and beautiful. When they first started working for us, our soil was choking the life out of most of our trees and plants. They told us that mulching would work wonders, because it would get oxygen to our plants, save water, and give much needed nutrients. Now our yard is thriving. Together, Fran and Bill, make a great team, and they keep our yard looking wonderful year around.
--Eileen and Bill M. Rancho Santa Fe
When I was in high school, I helped my father plant about a dozen pine saplings in a corner of our property which eventually grew into his little sanctuary, a shady canopy over a blanket of soft needles, fragrant with a fresh pine scent. Then in October 2007, while my father was dying, wild fires torched his beloved pine grove.
Eager to restore the garden as a memorial, I contacted Fran, who embraced my goal as if it were her own and improved my plan with her invaluable experience, reams of research, and insightful suggestions. She and her friendly and hardworking crew cleared the burned out debris, reinstalled the irrigation and designed a new layout, even adding a few new varieties of pine and native shrubs.
Today the trees have nearly tripled in size, the natives are fully matured, and it no longer looks like a planted site but like a naturally occurring grove, much like before, but somehow better, like a phoenix risen from the ashes. My mother likes it best in springtime, when a carpet of riotous wildflowers is in full bloom. And best of all, I know dad loves it, too.

I'll always be grateful for the respect, care and enthusiasm Fran brought to our project. We couldn't be happier, and won't hesitate to hire her for any other landscaping we may need in the future.
--Freeman S. Rancho Santa Fe
When it came time, our historic landmark property required special sensitivity and treatment. Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service, with the creative guidance of Owners Fran and Bill Lambert, developed timeless inspirational gardens. From beginning design and installation through ongoing care, Mariposa’s expert staff has excelled in every respect. We are delighted to unconditionally recommend Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service.
--David and Janice H. Rancho Santa Fe
Our house is home to several large ornamental trees that occupy prominent places within our lot. Two of them are very large ornamental Ficus trees that require thinning and lacing on a regular basis.

Having been in the nursery and landscaping business my entire career, I am particularly sensitive to proper tree pruning and care, and Mariposa Landscape & Tree Service has always demonstrated that capability. As arborists that know the proper care of trees, they also have courteous and capable crews who have always been prompt, sensitive to the existing landscape, and leave the jobsite clean. I’ve even had neighbors and friends complement their work.
Recently, we had a large oak tree that required complete removal and the job was completed professionally, thoroughly, and promptly by exceptional crew members.

There is a right and wrong way to prune trees, and I’ve found Mariposa consistently demonstrates the right way. I am pleased to recommend Mariposa Landscape & Tree Service.
--Tom E. Rancho Santa Fe
We have been customers of Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service since 2004 and they have always provided us with excellent service and advice. Bill and Fran Lambert are extremely knowledgeable and their staff is skilled and professional. We feel extremely fortunate to have our tree and landscaping needs in their care and we have the reassurance that our trees are all kept safe and healthy.
--Marie S. Fairbanks Ranch
We have used Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service several times in the past ten years. Mr. Lambert always offers excellent advice on the care, pruning and removal of trees. His crew is dependable and always does a very good cleanup after their work is finished. We recommend them to friends and neighbors often.
--B.J.E. Rancho Santa Fe
We have known the Lamberts and their company, Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service, for approximately seven years. During that time they have removed trees from a lot we were building our home on, assisted in the landscaping of our home, and have done a great deal of trimming. Most recently they have revamped and updated our irrigation system. We have found them very reliable, prompt and fair in their pricing and would highly recommend them.
--John C. Rancho Santa Fe
I have used Mariposa Tree Service for many many years. At first I called Bill when it was time to generally prune the trees on our property or when there was a problem with a specific tree. He and his crew consistently did a great job and an artistic job. Something that I have especially appreciated was how quickly they came when a tree fell down blocking the driveway or making things difficult or unsafe around the house. Later I learned of Fran's ability and interest in lending a hand. She has advised me relative to trying to keep various trees healthy, selection of trees, and planting. She and her crew even did some landscape clean up work that greatly improved the health and looks of the yard.

I have consistently found Bill, Fran, and the Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service Crews knowledgeable, capable, dependable, honest, and also ready to help quickly in a pinch.
--Sandy S. Rancho Santa Fe
The Garden Work Party started with a casual conversation and with your help and enthusiasm grew into one of the best projects we’ve seen at the club in a very long time. I and the members will think of you each time we visit here and see the results of our combined efforts. Your team worked so hard and donated so many manhours working on our project. Please tell your tireless crew how impressed we were by their expertise and professionalism. Our members were wowed by them. I am glad we will be able to continue with you and your team to keep our gardens in optimum form in the years to come. Fran, I really can’t put into words the appreciation I feel for all that you have done for us. I look forward to a continuing relationship in the future.
--Helen DiZio President, Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club
I have been using Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service for more than 10 years for an annual pruning of the trees around my house. They are always very prompt when I call, give me an accurate and fair estimate and complete the work on schedule. The workmen are very professional, friendly and do a wonderful job often going above and beyond what I expect. In fact, the last time they actually trimmed a hedge for me that I hadn’t been able to get to! They always clean up after themselves, usually leaving it cleaner than before they arrived.

Bill is very knowledgeable about trees and plants in general. I use him as a resource for selecting new shrubs or trees for my property. He has also helped identify any of my trees that are stressed and tells me why they are stressed.

I would gladly recommend Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service to anyone.
--Mary P. Rancho Santa Fe, Ca
I have been a customer of Mariposa Landscape and Tree Service for over ten years. During that time, they have provided excellent care to the multitude of trees we have on our property. They also oversaw the installation of our new water saving irrigation system. This system was installed in a timely and professional manner and has resulted in dramatic savings in our water usage. Bill & Fran Lambert have consistently provided quality and reliable service and I highly recommend their company.
--Shelley L. Rancho Santa Fe
Dear Fran and Bill,
We appreciate your continued prompt and excellent service. Your professional knowledge, along with your outstanding staff, has provided the assistance needed to keep all our trees and the canary palms healthy. Thank you for your help with our property over the last eight years.
--Jan N. Rancho Santa Fe